Pool And Brick Power Washing

We all know pools are meant to be fun places, but did you also realize how important it is for them to stay clean? Bacteria can stick around on surfaces and discolor the water. When skimming doesn’t cut through enough residue, a good cleaning needs to keep your pool looking its best. Scrubbing floors will eliminate any dirt or residues left behind by people who haven’t taken care of themselves before coming into contact with germs which could lead to contamination. Sidestep pads should always remain free from clutter, so they don’t accumulate more grime than necessary. 

When you need a break from the summer heat, head to your backyard and enjoy some time in your gunite pool. However, with so much use during this season and ongoing maintenance needed every week or two, it can be challenging for homeowners to clean their pools. That’s where we can help. Hiring our professional cleaning crew means not having to worry about it. Our experts will come with a fully-loaded truck with everything needed to blast away even the most stubborn mildew stains. We will also clean your pool screen from specks of dirt or debris.

If you are looking for a company near me to clean your pool deck and bricks, Rochester Power Washing is here for you to serve your needs. Our team is trusted, fast and reliable. Schedule an appointment today and get a FREE estimate.

Pressure Washing Pool

Pool bacteria can quickly grow undetected until it starts to cause discolored, slimy film along the pool walls and floor.

You deserve to enjoy your pool this summer, so don’t worry about it. Rochester Power Washing has got you covered. Our friendly and courteous staff will go above and beyond for any job we are hired on, no matter how big or small the task may seem at first glance. You can count on us because when people see your sparkling blue pool, they will love it. We offer an innovative pressure washing service that efficiently removes any build-up dirt without damaging your swimming pool., making it look good on day one of installation.

Brick Power Washing

We know you love the bricks in your home, but if they are dirty and you want them clean, you will need a professional brick cleaner. You’re in luck! Rochester Power Washing has arrived to cover all your exterior cleaning needs. We know you want a company that will work with and exceeds expectations, so we’ll be there from start to finish, sometimes even before the job begins if necessary. We will take care of your brick needs, so all it takes is coming by every once in a while to get those stains out or keeping up on regular schedules like power washing before holidays since flagstones might get slippery when wet. Our process is efficient without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction which means less time spent waiting around while our power washing expert cleans your brick walls.

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