If you want the full story about our services and what you can expect to receive from us then read on… Firstly, we do not undertake “roof cleaning”. We do however offer a comprehensive range of “skylight cleaning” services. These are basically services relating to the cleaning of skylights and windows.

Skylights are basically large window panes suspended from the roof or sometimes the support beam. Windows in a building are usually located on the higher levels of the building. So the skylights are often blocked by the blocking buildings. The cleaning of skylights involves cleaning the interior of the window portholes, the external lining of the window sashes, the frame of the window and the glass. There are other things that need to be addressed such as cleaning of the weather stripping on the outside of the skylight and cleaning the chimney smoke seals.

Roofs can also be very dirty and in some cases they can become infected with algae, moss and mildew. For this reason roof cleaning is also important as it reduces the scale of rotting that will occur. It is generally agreed that the best time for roof cleaning is at dusk. Another thing that we will recommend is the use of a high-pressure washer when cleaning the skylight as this helps to loosen dirt and also the water that have accumulated on the roof of the building.

Rooftop cleaning is often undertaken by those people who are doing the loft interior cleaning and they will often use a ladder whilst doing this process. Whilst ladders may look a little dangerous, in many instances it is far easier to use a ladder to reach the areas where you will need cleaning. We do recognise that there are times when a roof cleaning process is undertaken by those people that have a fear of heights and they would be right to. This should not prevent you from climbing up a ladder however, in these circumstances, it will be better to call in a professional rather than attempting the roof cleaning task yourself.

Once you have located the skylight and you are prepared to carry out the cleaning process, you will find that there are several different tools that can help with the job. A stick or broom will normally be used, as is often the case, although there are some tools that are designed specifically for cleaning windows. Before you begin, ensure that you have washed all of the windows inside the structure so as to remove any soap or grease from them. This will help to keep your work area clean and free of debris.

The first step that you need to undertake when doing roof cleaning is to get down on your hands and knees and search for any places on the roof where anything could be hung. For example, nails or staples could be placed here. At this point, it may be necessary to use a roof ladder in order to reach the areas that you are searching for. From here you can then use a brush on the roof or other equipment such as a ladder to clean away any debris. If you are unable to access the roof using this method, then you may need to consider using a ladder as well.

As previously stated, it may be necessary to use a roof ladder in order to clean the roof properly. One of the most important parts of roof cleaning is ensuring that you have safely removed any objects from your working area. The use of a ladder is one of the main ways that people try to avoid this risk but if you have been warned against the use of a ladder, then don’t ignore this advice. In fact, the ladder is probably one of the best ways in which you can prevent yourself from being injured. You are able to reach high places such as above the skylight and the roofline, allowing you to clean off any debris and inspect for any damaged areas. If you find any damaged shingles or tiles, then it is essential that you make sure that you take these down immediately and ensure that they are cleaned up prior to working on the next section of the roof.

When you are undertaking roof cleaning with a ladder, it is important to remember that it is much easier for you to slip than it is for someone who is standing. If you are standing, you are able to avoid most of the risks that are present when working from the ground including potential falls and being hit by debris. However, while you are up high there is a much higher risk of something happening to you such as slipping off the ladder or getting hit by something. For this reason, it is imperative that you make sure that your safety gear is worn and that you know exactly how high you are so that you can make it down safely.